CA State Legislature Again Seeks to Advance Satellite TV Tax

Thanks to the efforts of tens of thousands of Californians last year, we were able to stop the satellite TV tax. The letters, phone calls and emails from consumers to their elected officials proved to be a strong factor in defeating Sacramento's special interests set on imposing a new 8% tax on the monthly satellite TV bill of millions of subscribers.

We were pleased with last year's victory, but we must remain vigilant. Earlier this year, State legislators in California reintroduced similar legislation that would impose a new 8% sales tax on satellite TV subscribers. This measure, Assembly Bill 1016, is unfair because cable television operators would not have to pay the same taxes.

This year we need to continue the pressure on the State Legislature and convince our elected officials to oppose this unwise, unfair and unwarranted tax.

In order to inform you of the latest news and our activities to again reject the satellite TV tax in California, please provide us with your contact information. Your help is vital to our efforts against special interest forces in Sacramento!

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