Bill to Impose 5% Tax on Satellite TV Subscribers Misses Deadline in General Assembly

Assembly Bill 151, legislation that would impose a new 5% tax on satellite TV subscribers in Nevada, missed an April 15 deadline that would have allowed further action on the bill. This development is a positive sign for satellite TV subscribers, and it is clear that legislators heard the outcry that this proposed tax is unfair to more than 150,000 families across the state.

It is also good news that Governor Kenny Guinn opposes this bill. On April 7, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Governor Guinn will veto the bill that would require satellite television customers to pay a tax similar to the one levied now on cable television users.

While these are positive developments, satellite subscribers should remain vigilant because the Nevada General Assembly is scheduled to remain in session until June 7, 2005.


Assembly Bill 151 would impose a new 5% tax on satellite TV customers. Although this bill has a worthy goal of funding communications technology for the Nevada's first responders, lawmakers should not impose a new 5% tax on satellite TV subscribers. If this legislation is signed into law, nearly 150,000 Nevada families will be levied with this new tax.

The tax is especially unfair to Nevadans that that live in rural parts of the State because satellite is the only means of receiving television service. Cable companies, seeking an advantage against their competitors, have been working hard to convince legislators to impose this new tax which is why we need your help to make sure A.B. 151 doesn't become law!


BY PHONE: You can fight against this unfair new tax on satellite TV customers by calling your state legislators. You can contact your legislator at 1-800-992-0973. To find out who your state legislators are or to get additional information about your state legislators, visit this page.

REFER OTHERS: Invite your friends to fight against the new tax. Please click here.

Here are some facts you may want to use in your personal message to state law makers.

  • This is a 5% tax increase on nearly 150,000 Nevada families.
  • This tax would unfairly discriminate against satellite TV consumers. Cable pays franchise fees because they use the local infrastructure. Satellite TV does not pay these fees because its service is beamed to subscribers from space. Satellite TV does not dig up your streets, require trenches in your backyards, or hang wires from your telephone poles.
  • In many rural parts of Nevada, the only way for consumers to receive television service is from satellite TV. This amounts to a new tax on rural Nevada.
  • Satellite TV providers already pay fees to the federal government to provide their services.

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