TX State Legislature Seeks to Impose Tax on Satellite TV Subscribers

The Texas State Legislature continues to attempt to pass a new 3.95% tax on satellite TV subscribers in Texas. If this effort to further burden satellite TV subscribers is successful, over two million Texas households will be faced with a higher monthly bill for their satellite TV service. Subscribers in rural parts of Texas will be hit hardest by this tax because in rural areas often the only way for families to receive television service is by satellite. Industry competitors remain behind this effort and they push this new tax on satellite TV service in an attempt to make their businesses more competitive. However, an across the board tax on communications services contained in Texas House legislation is discriminatory and places an unfair burden on satellite TV subscribers. Our competitors will argue they are trying to "level the playing field," but in reality they seek to give themselves another unfair advantage.

Unlike our competitors, satellite does not use local infrastructure to deliver service. Satellite TV providers offer service direct from satellites in space. Satellite TV operators do not need to dig up your streets, build trenches in your ground, or hang wires from your local telephone poles. And satellite TV subscribers should not be forced to pay that price.

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Tell your state legislators in Austin that you continue to oppose any proposed unfair tax on Texas Satellite TV service!

BY PHONE: You can fight against proposed new taxes on satellite TV service by calling your state legislators at 512-463-3600. To find out whom your state legislators are, or to get additional information about your state legislators, please go to http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/fyi/fyi.htm.

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