Satellite TV Subscribers Speak Out, Defeat Efforts to Impose 8.5% Tax on More than 500,000 Families in Washington State!

After learning that the Washington State House of Representatives was considering a bill that would have imposed a new and unfair 8.5% tax on satellite TV subscribers, consumers in Washington State sent a clear message to their elected officials in Olympia: Stop the Satellite Tax!

On April 20, the Washington State House of Representatives decided NOT to impose the new 8.5% percent tax on satellite TV subscribers! Instead, they passed the bill, ESSB 6050, with an alternative funding mechanism and removed the language that would have forced more than 500,000 Washington State families to pay this unfair tax. A few days later, this bill also passed the Senate, satellite tax-free.

The tax was pushed by cable television companies looking for a competitive edge. Even though satellite TV operators do not use any public rights of way, Washington's cable operators wanted satellite TV subscribers to pay new taxes at rates equivalent to their franchise fees. The proposed tax would have been unfair because, unlike cable, satellite TV providers do not need to dig up the streets, build trenches in the ground, or hang wires from the telephone poles. Satellite TV service is offered direct to home from satellites in space. The argument that satellite TV companies should match cable's franchise fees is completely misguided, especially in rural areas of the State where cable television does not even offer service.

Thank you for taking time to let your voices be heard and for speaking out against the proposed unfair satellite tax in Washington State!

To invite your friends to join the campaign, please click here.

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